In the rush to enroll our young people and their families who will start university in a good university, of course, students want to settle in the best university where their scores are sufficient. Nowadays, in today's technology, preferences, registration and even school fees can be made over the internet. As such, students seek to find the closest student dormitories to their universities and enroll for dormitory registration. He pre-registers by looking at a few images they find. Many students are disappointed when it comes to settling down on the day.


As Beştaş Girls' Guest House, we wholeheartedly ask our students to settle in the best schools, and of course, we want our female students to settle in boutique dormitories that can be comfortable during their student life, especially that can offer a family atmosphere.


When Kırklareli girls 'dormitory is mentioned, we are in direct contact with the parents of the students who offer a warm and pleasant family atmosphere to your mind, and we take it upon yourselves to provide the students' comfort, safety and the environment where they can study peacefully. With our daily fresh meals prepared in our kitchen, we ensure that our students eat healthy, relieve the stress of our students with the activities we organize, and have a high level of morale.


When you call Kırklareli girls' dormitory, if you want to register remotely, we make a one-on-one conference with you to see our rooms live, again with our e-registration system, you can register with the room and bed number you choose and you can settle directly when you come to the dormitory. With this application, we eliminate the possibility of having a place discussion among students. All of these services are to ensure the comfort of our valued students throughout their education.


Our request from our students who are looking for a girls' dormitory for Kırklareli is not to make a decision without visiting us.


We wish you luck to our esteemed students in the new education period!