As Kırklareli Bektaş Girls ' Guest House; With our modern understanding and approach, we are happy to have taken the task of preparing a comfortable, peaceful, warm and safe environment for ourselves and giving a whole new meaning to dormitory - hostel understanding on the way to our tenth year

Our houses are designed to provide modern and level living spaces with our students.

In addition to meeting the expectations of parents, Bektas Kız Guesthouse has a management approach that always cares about the needs and wishes of students.

Pektas Kızız Subject house is a clean, spacious living room with friendly and understanding managers, kitchen jul and bathrooms, which provide you with a peaceful stay that corresponds with the full meaning of your search, but only a few of the services we offer that will allow you to relieve stress and socialize from common areas such as a gym sauna.

With years of work experience and awareness as Bektas Kız Guesthouse, we devote special time to creating a roadmap for our students to meet their problems, wishes and expectations by adopting the most appropriate approach format. We are happy to have the expectations of parents and the demands of our students brought together in a common place with equal accuracy, and we are always talking about our name in the sector.

We promise our dear students and parents that this perception will grow more and more every day by adding value to it without breaking down, and we take it as our duty.

As a Bektas Girls Guest House, we hope that our students will receive an education that will make them happy, serve their families on the way home for the benefit of the country, and then move on to a working life.